Submission : JET is a peer-reviewed, open-access scientific journal : Journal of Ergonomic Technology (JET)

Journal of Ergonomic Technology (JET)
ISSN 2432-1575

Instructions for Authors


All manuscripts must be written in English. If English is not your native language, you are required to use an English-language editing service and to append to your article a certificate verifying that such a service has been used.


JET welcomes the submission of original articles, technical notes, and review articles.

3.Length limitations (including figures and tables)

Original articles must be less than 1 MB and about 10 pages long. Technical notes must be less than 500 KB and about 5 pages long. Review articles must be less than 1.5 MB and about 15 pages long.

4.Author information

The type of manuscript, article title, names of all authors and their affiliations, any conflicts of interest, and contact e-mail addresses should be provided on a separate page.


  • Put page numbers at the top right of every page. Use A4 formatting.
  • Use 10.5-pt Times New Roman.
  • On the first page of the manuscript, please provide the article title, an abstract (less than 500 words), and keywords (five or less). The abstract should be divided into three sections: ‘Purpose’, ‘Subjects and Methods’, ‘Results’ and ‘Conclusion’.
  • On the second page of the manuscript, please write the article title. After the title, please insert two line breaks before the main text.
  • The main text should be divided into four sections: ‘Introduction’, ‘Subjects and Methods’, ‘Results’, and ‘Discussion’.

6. Reference formatting

In-text citations should include the author's name (without initials) and the year of publication. An example is given as follows:
…have been reported (Nagase, 2010; Adidas, 2016; Schmidt, 2014).

References in the reference list should be listed alphabetically, then chronologically. Example citations for a website, a journal, and a book, respectively, are given as follows:
Adidas miCoach, 2016. Heart rate monitor. (accessed 25 March 2016).

Nagase D., Mase D., 2010. Measurement of heart rate variability and stress evaluation by using microwave reflectometric vital signal sensing. Rev. Sci. Instrum. 81, 163, 51-59.

Schmidt R. A., Lee T. D., 2014. Motor Learning and Performance, fifth ed. Human Kinetics, IL.

7.Video and audio data

Video and audio data are acceptable. Please upload your data to YouTube and provide the YouTube URL at the appropriate place in the text.

8.Figures and tables

Both colour and black-and-white figures and tables are acceptable. For the first submission, PDFs are preferred. Upon acceptance, data must be submitted in editable formats to enable size adjustments to be made.

9.Publishing fee

Publication is free of charge.


Submitted articles cannot have been published or submitted elsewhere. Upon the acceptance of an article, the Journal of Ergonomic Technology will assume copyright. However, as an author, you have certain rights in regard to the reuse of your article.

11.Ethics in publishing

When articles require approval from an institutional ethics committee, indication of such approval within the article is required. Please indicate that such approval has been obtained in the last sentence of your introduction section as follows: ‘The present research was approved by the ethics committee of xxx (name of your institution) with permission number #’.


Please send your files in PDFs to, formatted as follows:
  • Author information file (authorinfo.pdf)
  • Abstract file (abstract.pdf)
  • Main text file (text.pdf)
  • Figures and tables (tabfig.pdf)